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NC-620 Rig Wash/Pressure Wash
NC-630 Parts Wash Concentrate (Water Based)
NC-640 Bilge & Marine Cleaner
NC-680 Heavy Duty Degreaser
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12 bottles of 24 oz ready to use biosafe handy spray bottles to tackle your toughest cleaning jobs – engines, wheel rims, BBQ grills, range hoods, cooking vents, tools, tile, linoleum, walls, mowers and anywhere else you have greasy, oily problem areas. For best results, spray on greasy/oily surface, allow a few minutes for to penetrate, then rinse with water or wet sponge. For heavy soil or grease, it is best to agitate 5X5 on stain with wet scrub brush, then let sit 5 minutes before rinsing with water. The more time you can give 5X5 to penetrate, the more it will do the work for you.

MSRP $7.99
$65.00 for 12 bottles case

NC-620 Rig Wash/Pressure Wash
is a concentrated, biodegradable super degreaser/cleaner excellent for use in the trucking, marine, oil and gas, and agricultural industries. (for more information)

4 Gallon case = $79.00 35lbs

5 gallon bucket =  $97.50  45lbs

55 gallon drum = $738.00 500lbs
inquire for 275 gallon totes


  NC-630 Parts Wash Concentrate (Water Based)
NC-630 Parts Wash is a powerful biodegradable aqueous cleaning solution that works. (for more infomation)

4 gallon case = $89.00  35lbs
5 gallon bucket = $110.00 45lbs

55 gallon drum = $845.00 500 lbs

inquire for 275 gallon totes

NC-610 Hood & Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate(SUPC-NC610)
NC-610 Hood & Kitchen Cleaner is a concentrated, super degreaser perfect for all industrial kitchen applications.  It is a non-toxic, non-fuming, non-flammable formulation that utilizes colloidal cleaning technology to easily penetrate the toughest grease and oil applications found in industrial kitchens.  It is NSF approved (141171) and is safe in and around food processing areas.

4 gallon case = $83.00  35 lbs
5 gallon bucket = $102.50  45 lbs
55 gallon drum = $776.00  500 lbs
inquire for 275 gallon tote

NC-640 Bilge & Marine Cleaner
NC-640 Bilge & Marine Cleaner is a concentrated, biodegradable formulation effective both as a bilge cleaner and general marine cleaner. (for more information)

4 gallon case = $112.00 35lbs

5 gallon bucket =  $135.00  45 lbs

55 gallon drum = $1,035.00  500lbs

inquire for 275 gallon totes

NC-680 Heavy Duty Degreaser
NC-680 Non-Toxic Heavy Duty Degreaser/Cleaner is a super-concentrated, biodegradable colloidal formulation that is most effective removing tough grease, oils and grime commonly found in the automotive, manufacturing, oil and gas, and industrial/janitorial industries. (for more information)

4 gallon case  =    $85.00   35 lbs
5 gallon bucket=   $105.00  45 lbs
55 gallon drum =  $795.00   500 lbs
inquire for 275 gallon totes

Safest Industrial Degreaser
Water Soluble
Environment Friendly
Quick Decomposable
Plant Based

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All Products are available in these sizes: 4 Gallon Case, 5 Gallon Bucket, 55 Gallon Drum





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