Non-Toxic DegreasersBioSafe Powerful Cleaners for Industry
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Industrial Strength Cleaners and Degreasers for:
  • Heavy Duty Degreaser requirements
  • Parts Washers
  • Bilge & Marine Cleaner
  • Rig Wash/Pressure Wash
Make our Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers your next step toward an Eco Friendly, Environmentally safe, biodegradable cleaner that is  non toxic, people safe and all natural Green Products  Penetrate and break up heavy grease and grime – no handling precautions necessary! 
  • Non -toxic, Biodegradable. Helps biodegrade oil utilizing naturally occurring bacteria.
  • A colloidal agent: Holds oil & dirt in colloidal suspension with no re-deposition
  • A solvent replacement: Replaces mineral spirits and other hazardous solvents
  • A safe degreaser: Doesn't contain the carcinogen Butyl Cellosolve, (2-butoxy Ethanol)
  • An environmental degreaser: Contains no known pollutants
  •  A biodegradable degreaser: Will biodegrade 99% within 10 days
A  technology called “colloidal chemistry or Nano Technology” that brings an entirely new approach to the science of cleaning. Oliver Markley, Ph.D. and emeritus professor of human sciences and studies of the future at the University of Houston, calls them “One of this century’s most promising advancements in environmental science.” 

It is a myth that GREEN solvents are not as effective as artificial products. The problem has been rectified. Modern green detergents are as efficient as artificial products, if not more efficient. Green products equipped with micro blasting technology, have more cleaning power than synthetic chemicals. . The high concentration of plant extracts in these green chemicals are capable of dissolving hydrocarbon deposits and organic matter such as grease, fats, hair and food particles that usually clog drains.

SuperC Colloidal Cleaners and Degreasers have been manufactured for many years, providing industry with an alternative to petroleum-based formulas with our aqueous, nontoxic green cleaning products that provide high performance and safety for workers and the environment.

SuperC is a proprietary colloidal solution comprised of plant-based, non-ionic surfactants that create, through a special blending process, nano-sized particles called "micelles".  These extremely small, highly active particles are able to penetrate and break up oil, grease, dirt and grime with no adverse side effects to humans, animals or plants.  Strong enough to clean up oil spills, yet safe as a hand soap, SuperC Cleaners and Degreasers are effective in a wide variety of industrial cleaning applications.

Our degreasers dissolve and disperse all kinds of oils and greases including viscous oils, heavy oils and crude oil that has been exposed to the water/air for a long time. It even dissolves and disperses tough and old oil stains on the rocks and pebbles by oil spills.

They are free of hazardous materials to the environment such as inorganic compounds (caustic soda, sulphonates, etc.) and organic compounds(solvent, thinner, etc.) which can cause a secondary pollution and they are  Biodegradable. Non-Toxic Heavy Duty Degreaser/Cleaner is a super-concentrated, biodegradable colloidal formulation that is most effective removing tough grease, oils and grime commonly found in the automotive, manufacturing, oil and gas, and industrial industries.

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SAVE $$$ on chemicals.
Replace all your toxic chemicals.
SAVE on chemical disposal costs.
SAVE on reduced health risks and liabilities.
SAVE on application space. Can be used in confined areas

In Manufacturing and Maintenance:
Our oil eater degreasers Replace solvents (mineral spirits) in Parts Washers
Replaces most acid and alkaline cleaners
Eco friendly for Cleaning Offshore rigs and oil well equipment

Our fabulous SuperC solutions provide significant savings !!

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